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An amalgamation of form and function, the Excalibur risers are a cut above the rest.

Precision machined to exact tolerances from high grade 6082 aluminium. The Excalibur riser starts life as a 30 pound billet and is sculptured, polished and anodized before finishing up on a bow weighing less than 5lbs.

EX40 riser length = 28"
EX37 riser length = 25"
EX34 riser length = 22"


1 Vertical limb, straight riser geometry improves balance, aiming and accuracy.
2 New, high accuracy four point limb mounting system.
3 High quality, polished anodized finish.
4 Up-rated 1/2” diameter carbon roller guard.
5 Ergonomic, 3 degree angled integral grip.
6 Stress equalizing forward rib design updated and improved from our pioneering Omega bow of the 1990's.
7 Stainless steel stabilizer insert.
8 Flex adjusted riser.
9 String Suppressor fitted as standard.
10 Dampeners fitted as standard.
11 Additional 5/16" UNF threaded weight mounting holes.
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