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XV (2007-2008)

When considering your new bow, take a closer look. Peer beneath the surface and look at its components. The way it’s assembled. The quality of its parts. Often what you don’t see is more important than what you do. At Merlin we believe quality should be more than skin deep. We strive to make every component the best it can be. So what we ask of you is your consideration. Look past the glossy adds and look hard at the product. Compare us, and we know we’ll come out in front

XV Specifications
Axle to Axle Length*: 35"
Brace Height (Viper): 8"
Brace Height (Alpha): 8.25"
Mass Weight: 4lb 4oz
Riser Length: 24"
Limb Length: 15":
IBO Viper: 318fps
IBO Alpha: 303fps


One word. Awesome!

The Viper's are as fast as they come. Maximum energy storage through an optimised force draw curve over 8 different cam sizes. 55%-65% let off with a rock solid back wall.

Reduced draw length adjustment of 1/2" per cam size and a steep force draw curve makes this a cam designed for the more advanced archer.

The Alpha's feature up to 2" of draw length adjustment via removable modules. The more gradual poundage gain through the draw makes them wonderfully smooth, while still maintaining excellent arrow speed.

4 Cam sizes cover all draw lengths. The nocking point travel remains straight and level through each module setting and each cam. 70% let off, firm back wall and very low vibration.


15" long and very fast! Our all new 'Multi-Core' limb is our fastest and toughest limb to date.

A 12 layer laminated core is contoured, weighed and then surface laminated again with tension and compression laminates. A reinforcing limb tip overlay is added, they are weighed again and paired to within 0.9% limb deflection. Only then are they ready for finishing.



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