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Max3000 (2002-2005)

The latest and greatest in our MAX series of bows is the MAX3000. The first MAX launched in 1999 and has been our most successful bow to date.

5 years of on going development has cumulated in a highly refined piece of equipment, Unmatched in both performance and quality. Whether your chosen discipline is target, field, 3D or hunting this is best all round top performer you are going to find anywhere.

Axle Length --- 39.75 "
Brace Height --- 7.2 "(approx)
Mass Weight --- 4lb 2oz
Cam Type --- Omega, T-Wheel, Rapid 2

Cams have evolved. The Omega ‘Hybrid’ cam is that next step in the evolution of cam technology.

Taking the best qualities of Single Cams, and blending them with the best qualities of Twin Cams results in a system that does, finally, offer everything.

60% and 70% let off options. 1/2” adjustable over a 3” range via interchangable modules.

Rock solid wall, smooth, fast, quiet…

Don’t take our word for it. Contact a Merlin dealer and try one out for yourself! You will be amazed!

The Rapid 2's are at the forefront of Twin Cam design, so if your looking for a 'pure twin' you can't go wrong with the Rapid 2's.

Available in two styles:- A super smooth 'target' version or an incredibly fast 'Turbo' version. And the great thing about this is that they are the same cam! You can simply switch the modules from 'Target' to 'Turbo' and boost your speed.

65% let off. 1/2” adjustableover a 3” range via interchangable modules.

the T-Wheel is the smoothest drawing cam we have ever made.

If your looking for a cam design for ease of draw and maximum forgiveness then this might be the one for you. A very gradual increase in draw weight, with a short peak, and a gradual decrease in weight gives this cam the impression you are shooting a much lower poundage.

Very quiet, with virtually no shock and recoil, these T-Wheels are an absolute pleasure to shoot. 55% or 65% let off.

Pro-Fusion is a state of the art manufacturing process used to infuse molded limbs under total vacuum. Each pair of limbs is cut from the same 1 metre panel guaranteeing extreme accuracy. The result? Only the most efficient, stable, perfectly matched limb platform you are ever going to find.


Laminated skins on the surfaces of the limbs reduce high frequency sonic vibration as well as adding limb protection.


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