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Max2000 (1999 - 2002)

Our most advanced compound bow to date. Taking engineering, balance and geometry ahead of any bow on the market today.

The longer 41.25" axle length and forgiving brace height, coupled with our proven 'Rapid Cam' system has made this our most successful target bow we have ever produced. Already used to win the men's European FITA Target Championship, Gold medals at the World FITA Target Championships team event, current World Record holder for the ladies FITA with 1398 AND numerous World and European titles in field archery.

Just 4lb 2oz, superb finish and attention to detail make this a bow to give you an edge.

Axle Length --- 41.25" or 39.75"
Brace Height --- 7.25"- 7.5"
Mass Weight --- 4lb 2oz
IBO Speed --- 290 fps
Cam Type --- 65% Let off Rapid Cam or T-Wheel
Limb Options --- Pro Fusion Carbon or Glass
Draw Lengths --- 23-26 26-29 29-33
Draw Weights --- 30,40,50,60,70

Precision Limb Pockets
CNC machined from solid 6082 aluminium to exacting tolerances. New for 2002 are the addition of nylon dowels, countersunk into the riser and standing slightly proud by 0.15mm to allow a perfect interference fit.
A limb Isolation Membrane is placed between the limb and pocket, reducing shot vibration.
Independent 'Pocket Lock' locks the the pocket down tight, eliminating pocket jumping, and so reducing noise and shock.
Limb Pocket Assembly

Consistent limb location is essential for accuracy. Limb locating pegs are machined directly into the limb pocket to prevent limb shift.

Ergonomically machined grip.
Super slim, torque reducing grip for maximum comfort and repeatability. Recessed thumb knuckle position for precise hand placement.
3 Degree offset grip.
Another Merlin first. Subtly angled grip to promote a more natural and relaxed hand position.
Pro Fusion Limb System

What good is a hi-tec riser with out the very best limbs to go with it?

High carbon content, increased speed and incredibly high torsional rigidity. Our new Pro Fusion limbs are world beaters!

Shoot Through System
Optional (no extra cost) extra for the Max2000. Eliminating the need for a cable guard reduces friction and prevents the sideways torque associated with the cable guard.
rapid cam

Rapid Cam.

3 Cam sizes covering a 10" range ensures any draw length can be covered. The draw length is changed via a range of modules that can be removed with out the need for a bow press.

A unique wheel timing indicator makes establishing perfect balance simple.

Smooth draw and a hard stop, combined with impressive speed makes this our fastest and most Popular cam system to date.

rapid cam modules


The smoothest drawing cam we have ever made. If your looking for a cam design for ease of draw and maximum forgiveness then this might be the one for you.

A very gradual increase in draw weight, with a short peak, and a gradual decrease in weight gives this cam the impression you are shooting a much lower poundage.

Very quiet, with virtually no shock and recoil, these T-Wheels are an absolute pleasure to shoot.

Interchangeable modules can fine tune the cams feel. Change between a 'positive stop' medium valley, or an extended valley 'soft stop' option. 65% or 55% let off. What more could you want?

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