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Lite Storm - Twin Cam (2000-2002)

The definitive 3D and hunting bow.

38" axle length, speed enhancing reflex riser and a choice of cam systems makes this an all round top performer. With speeds in excess of 315fps, this is the fastest bow in the Merlin line up.

Speed is nothing without control. Slim, torque reducing grip and moderate brace height ensures that accuracy is not sacrificed in the pursuit of maximum velocity.

Dual locking, cushioned pivoting pockets and limb bolts guarantees nothing moves unless you want it to.

Axle Length --- 38"
Brace Height --- 6.25"
Mass Weight 3lb 12oz
IBO Speed --- 315 fps
Cam Type --- 65% Let off Rapid Cam
Limb Options --- Pro Fusion Carbon or Glass
Draw Lengths 21-24, 24-27, 27-31
Draw Weights 30,40,50,60,70

Rapid Cam.

3 Cam sizes covering a 10" range ensures any draw length can be covered. The draw length is changed via a range of modules that can be removed with out the need for a bow press.

A unique wheel timing indicator makes establishing perfect balance simple.

Smooth draw and a hard stop, combined with impressive speed makes this our fastest and most Popular cam system to date.



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