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Hunters Quest

Hunters Quest Twin Cam (2001)

Our newest addition to our line for 2001 is the power packed QUEST. Light weight, and only 31.5" in length makes for a versatile and maneuverable bow for those tight situations.

Cushioned limb pockets, and a soft feeling shot, combine to make this the quietest bow we have ever produced.

Slim, low profile, hardwood grip and moderate brace height ensures minimal torque and maximum accuracy.

Available in Mossy Oak camo, or our highly polished competition anodizing.

Axle Length --- 31.5"
Brace Height --- 7.25"
Limb Length --- 14"

Twin Cam
Cable lengths
Twin Cam
Standard cables
32 1/2"
Whisper Cam

Whisper Cam

Specially designed for quiet shooting and a soft shot, this twin cam system is perfectly suited for the Hunters Quest.

Modular adjustment without the need for a bow press in 1" increments.

Features our popular wheel timing indicator, positive stop and built in fine adjustment draw length pegs.

Precision Limb Pockets

CNC machined from solid 6082 aluminium to exacting tolerances.

Dual Locking on both sides for maximum stability and reduced vibration.

Limb Pocket Assembly
Consistent limb location is essential for accuracy. Limb locating pegs are machined directly into the limb pocket to prevent limb shift.

A limb Isolation Membrane is placed between the limb and pocket, reducing shot vibration.

Ergonomically machined grip.
Slim Hardwood grip. Torque reducing and shaped for maximum comfort and repeatability.
Cable Guard Mount

Cable guard mount bolts on solidly into a shaped, recessed position to prevent shift.

Offest Stabilizer

Offset stabilizer positions. Either use the conventional center hole, or the new offset hole.

Balances the bow perfectly with out the need for additional side rods.


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