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Classic Recurve Riser

The Classic (1996-1999)

There are many CNC handles on the market. On designing the Classic, we did not want to be just one of them. Being honest, to produce a handle with international compatible limbs, handle geometry has already been determined. So what does the Classic riser offer that is different from other risers?

1/ It is true to say when changing the limbs from one make of riser to another, limb weights vary. This is because of subtle differences in brace height and limb angle. The Classic offers greater limb angle in its tiller adjustment to allow all limbs, what ever their make, to achieve their true poundage.

2/ The limb is fixed precisely into a moveable limb pocket, cushioned by a limb isolation membrane. This reduces vibration into the handle and will ultimately extend limb life.

3/ Tiller adjustment on the Classic is very accessible and easy to adjust, making tuning easier.

4/ Extended clicker position on the Classic allows for a more precise, vertical setting.

5/ Cosmetically, look at the extent of the machining. We wanted to produce a true classic design, not just another handle with holes in!

6/ Your Classic riser will come hand polished and anodized in red, blue, purple, green, silver or black together with a hand crafted exotic wood grip.

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